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OwnTech Power API Core Documentation


Owntech Power API is the modular embedded software running on the OwnTech Power Converter. The Core project is the main repository intended to be cloned by end-users.

It provides all the configuration required to begin a project with OwnTech Power API, and includes the ability to automatically download [OwnTech libraries](OwnTech Power API Libraries).

Owntech Power API is based on the Zephyr operating system which is extended using hardware-specific modules.

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Working with OwnTech Power API

You need a working VS Code environment with the PlatformIO extension installed. Check [this page](Additional resources) for additional information on how to install these.

What you need is to clone the Core repository: git clone owntech_power_api

⚠️ Due to Zephyr restriction, the path to the folder on the disk must not contain any space.

Then open the owntech_power_api folder using VS Code.

More details can be found in the readme file.

Contributing to OwnTech Power API

The policy of the project is to use merge requests for contribution. You'll first need to fork the repository so that you can work on a private mirror. You can manage this mirror the way you want, however you must ensure that your changes are fast-forward regarding the main branch when you request a merge.

More details on this procedure can be found on [this page](Contributing using git).