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Power Controller

Open source. Easy to use. Multi-function.

Control your power converter in minutes !

Connect your USB

Download our code from gitlab

Drive your power

Simple to use

  • Native USB support
  • OwnPlot monitor your application
  • Debug friendly
  • Usable with Matlab and Visual Studio Code

Real Time advanced control laws

  • Configurable Control Frequency.
  • Voltage Mode
  • Peak Current mode

Seamless measurement acquisition

  • 6 ADC channels 12bits ready to go!
  • 60kHz acquisition rate
  • Accurate time measurement
  • Non blocking acquisition system

Fast and precise PWM

  • 10 PWM signals ready to deploy !
  • Up to 55MHz PWM frequency
  • Up to 184ps temporal resolution
  • Center-aligned modulation support
  • Advanced phase shifting options
  • Dead-time support

An open-source philosophy

Free to use, developed by a community of makers.
Challenging ongoing project, new features and improvements are released regularly.
Join us in the development process!

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