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A power module to cover all your needs at low voltage applications

The low-voltage block can be used as a stand alone power converter or connected in parallel to other low-voltage blocks to raise its power level. Three blocks can be connected in parallel to drive a low-voltage synchronous machine.


Independent or interleaved, the two low-voltage channels can be used to manage DC-DC power flows.

DC - 1 phase AC

When driven complementarily and with its N-GND switched off, the power converter becomes a single-phase AC inverter.

DC - 3 phase AC

When connecting three blocks in parallel (Y or Delta) the system can drive a three-phase machine.

Stand-alone or in Parallel

A single block can be connected in parallel  to raise its power level or unlock another conversion function. Three blocks can be connected in parallel to drive a low-voltage electric machine.


Possible applications of the low-voltage block

Battery charging system

When operating in DC-DC, the low-voltage block can be programmed to implement a battery charging algorithm best adapted to a target battery technology.

Small electric mobility

Three low-voltage blocks in parallel can be synchronized to drive a small electric machine of your choosing

Photovoltaic MPPT

You wish to develop an independent photovoltaic MPPT system? The low-voltage block can integrate the algorithm of your choosing.

The Iso-Power Curve

OwnTech takes an iso-power approach. This allows the technology suit to operate on a wide voltage and current ranges.

Power converters are usually designed with a specific function in mind, restricting their voltage and current operating levels.

We have chosen an ultra-flexible power architecture which allows to overcome these barriers.

Ahead of the curve