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Power Electornics is a key technology for decarbonizing the world’s economy and to drive the social change we need. This technology is very complex and one of the objectives of the OwnTech project is to democratize the access to it through an open-source technology suit comprising an open-hardware modular power converter, a simplified open-software integrated development environment and an open-source data acquisition system. These technological blocks are currently under development at a CNRS laboratory, the LAAS-CNRS in Toulouse, France. The project is supported by the CNRS through its pre-maturation funding whose objective is the creation of an international community of users and developers of the technology.

The OwnTech technology suit is the cornerstone of an international community of users and developers. Development will be based on the capacity of the community to drive contributions an allow the emergence of solutions to real problems in the field. Our aim is to develop globally and manufacture locally.

OwnTech is also an Open-Science initiative. We seek to harness contributions from the academic communite whose members are eager to find another way to create value and impact in Society. New knowledge will emerge from issues and data gathered from the field by the OwnTech community.

The OwnTech technology is meant to belog to its community. Our goal is that every single contributor knows that their contribution is and will remain protected through open-source. All knowledge will always be accessible to the community.