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Getting started with PlatformIO

Getting started with OwnTech takes place using 3 different tutorials. Follow each of them to become a master of OwnTech!

  1. Blinky tutorial: start here! This is the easiest way of getting off the right foot.
  2. Communication Task Tutorial: implements a simple serial monitor communication for your O2 conveter
  3. Hardware Setup 1 - Data acquisition: In this tutorial you will learn how to setup the data acquisition of a single variable.
  4. Hardware Setup 2 - PWM and power conversion: Implement PWM power conversion and change the duty cycle by hand
  5. Hardware Setup 3 - Buck tutorial: follow up on the buck tutorial to implement the buck function.
  6. Hardware Setup 4 - Boost tutorial: Last but not least, the boost tutorial will help you better understand how to reconfigure the power converter