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Drive the converter in current mode


The current mode is a major way of running power converters. It is more responsive than voltage mode, since it is a half-software half hardware control, but it needs more periherals to work.


Having installed and configured as presented in Getting Started :

  • STM32CubeMX
  • STM32CubeIDE
  • STM32MatTarget
  • Matlab with Simulink extension


This tutorial was made on the version V1.1.2 of the Owntech converter. Hence it may need a few adjustments if you want to follow it with different hardware.

STM32CubeMX settings

General settings

The folowing steps are necessary to work on the V.1.1.2 Owntech converter whatever the control mode used.

  • In System core>RCC set High speed clock(HSE) to Crystal/Ceramic resonator


  • In System core>SYS: set Debug to Trace asynchronous Sw, set VREFBUFF Mode to Internal voltage reference, set Timebase source to TIM1.


Simulink Settings