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Power Controller

Open source. Easy to use. Multi-function.

Control your power converter in minutes !

Connect your USB

Download our code from gitlab

Drive your power

Made by makers for makers

An intuitive code base to start powering up your solutions from day one.

From academia with love

Are you an academic trying to quickly go from idea to prototype? Spin is MATLAB friendly.

Simple to use

  • Native USB support
  • OwnPlot compatible ! Graphical interface to monitore the application.
  • Verbose mode available
  • Debug friendly

Real Time advanced control laws

  • Configurable Control Frequency.
  • Voltage Mode
  • Peak Current mode

Fast and precise PWM

  • 10 PWM signals ready to deploy !
  • Up to 55MHz PWM frequency
  • Up to 184ps temporal resolution
  • Center-aligned modulation support
  • Advanced phase shifting options
  • Multiple SPIN synchronisation support
  • Dead-time support

Seamless measurement acquisition

  • 6 ADC channels 12bits ready to go!
  • 60kHz acquisition rate.
  • Synchronized with the PWM generators to place the measurements in time acurately.
  • Non blocking acquisition system.

IoT ready

  • Ready for Over the Air (OTA) update
  • Compatible with cloud based monitoring

Floating point unit support

  • Fast intuitive computation
  • Support of optimized math functions from ARM libraries

An open-source philosophy

Free to use, developed by a community of makers.
Challenging ongoing project, new features and improvements are released regularly.
Join us in the development process!

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